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Create a Plan for an
Energized, Healthy and 
Long Life
You have a vision for your own health and happiness. Is your plan of action keeping up with that vision? 

To be successful and healthy in today's world requires more than staying current with continuing education or an annual physical and updating your prescriptions.  The most successful and healthy individuals have come to realize they must take a pro-active approach to their life. 

Happy, successful people realize the importance of empowering oneself to direct their health and happiness choices.  Your beliefs and values, your intentions and goals, and your plan of action are the determining factors in co-creating the life of your dreams.
In case you wonder how to be happy, click on this link to see  what a totally successful attitude looks like:     "How to stay positive"

Your plan

We offer information, education and guidance in navigating the multi-disciplinary "self managed care" system. 
At the Moss Center, we specialize in the mind and body modalities although we are well-informed on natural products as well.  Mind and body practices include a large and diverse group of procedures or techniques often administered or taught by a trained practitioner or teacher. 

We have extensive knowledge and experience in how to enhance your well-being by integrating therapies and products that are not generally considered part of conventional medicine or education.   Dr. Moss' treatment and coaching approach is a combination of Transpersonal psychology and Complementary and Alternative therapies.

Transpersonal psychology is a humanistic orientation that integrates the spiritual and transcendent aspects along with the physical, emotional and mental components of the human experience. 

Complementary and Alternative Therapies are defined by the National Institute of Health (NIH) as "the array of health care approaches with a history of use or origins outside of mainstream medicine."

How do complementary medicine and alternative medicine differ from each other? 
  • Complementary or Integrative medicine combines treatments from conventional medicine and alternative options for which there is evidence of safety and effectiveness.
  • Alternative medicine is used in place of conventional medicine.

NIH often finds it useful to consider these approaches as generally falling into one of two subgroups—natural products  or  mind and body practices.  

Check out our page on CAM therapies to see some of the modalities from which you can benefit.

We will assist you to design a step-by-step plan to help achieve your optimum ongoing personal needs and well-being.

Check out this video  Amazing Effects of Sound on Water
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