The Moss Center - for Complementary and Natural Therapies

  • BioAcoustic Evaluation
  • Transpersonal Coaching
  • Remote Quantum Modalities Sessions
  • Remote Chromotherapy Sessions

All sessions are $100/hr.



Remote Quantum Modalities Session

Quantum modalities sessions involve working with balancing your personal vibrations to allow your body to heal itself.  Typical modalities include among others:

  • Training in self hypnosis
  • Quantum BioAcoustic evaluation
  • Ptah Pendulum
  • Etheric Weaver
  • Law of Attraction Training
  • EFT (Tapping)
  • Dream analysis
  • Quantum jumping
  • Emotion code assessment
  • Body code assessment
  • Ho'oponopono
  • Cymatics -- Tuning Forks; Crystal Bowls
  • Releases
  • Chromotherapy Torch -- crystals plus lights and color
  • Reiki
  • Photon Sound Beam -- multiple wave oscillator
  • Scalar devices
  • Essential Oils

Quantum modalities are very effective for your pets and animals as well.

Watch this interesting video regarding the effects of sound


see a complete explanation at

Chromotherapy is extremely useful for 
balancing yourself AND your pets.


Products and Favorite Sources 

Vibes Up Plate Mat
Vibes Up Plate Mat
I love all Vibes Up products for their ability to balance my vibrations through their connection to Mother Earth. I wear them in my shoes, sleep on them, charge my food and beverages with them and wear the beautiful jewelry. Check out the full range of choices at


Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency

You have probably heard that PEMF therapy is good for overall health.                                           

This is because it stimulates the function of the cell membrane.
All good health, healing of illness and disease all leads back to the cells and their condition.

What is the secret to good cellular health and ongoing repair and regeneration? Studies show that PEMFs truly unlock the secret to the function of the cell membrane.

I use these mats for myself and clients.  I love the effectiveness and the good price of the only mat I can find that uses the proven to be effective "square wave" in it's frequencies.  

For more info go to:


Sound Frequency Apps
Here is a great deal and a good place to start your own biofeedback with voice frequencies.

or for more options
Just go to the Quantum Insight Health Apps home page.

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