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Dr. Sharon E. Moss   
Dr. Moss has 30+ years experience as a  humanistic psychologist with an emphasis in a Jungian based approach, body-mind connection, dream interpretation, quantum energy healing, hypnosis and alternative methodology.  She has masters level studies in comparative cultures and has studied native american and mayan spirituality.  A former social research scientist, she now concentrates on individual therapy, remote energy work, BioAcoustic research and transpersonal coaching. 

Transpersonal psychology is a humanistic orientation that integrates the spiritual and transcendent aspects along with the physical, emotional and mental components of the human experience. 

BioAcoustic Evaluation

Over the past 20+ years, the pioneering field of Human BioAcoustic Biology, using the human voice, has been collecting vocalizations to identify patterns that are related to healthy functioning in humans--physically, emotionally and mentally.    Using the idea that the voice is a holographic representation of health and wellness, these non-invasive techniques have advanced to the extent that a computerized Vocal Profile, using a system of numeric Frequency Equivalents, can be used to accurately quantify, organize, interpret, define and extrapolate biometric information from the human voice.

The emerging model of “Math as Medicine” being assembled from Human BioAcoustic research data has the potential to allow voice spectral analysis to be used to predict and identify health issues from the very first cries of a newborn all the way through the aging process. 

Human BioAcoustics can most aptly be described as a cross between music therapy and biofeedback. Vocal Profiling proposes the idea that the body requires the presence of a full range of harmonious frequencies working cooperatively.
Assessment of the person's voice and subsequent application of sound patterns to balance the discordant frequencies helps retune the body to optimal functioning.

Dr. Moss has studied with Sharry Edwards, M. Ed, the pioneer of BioAcoustic Research and the Director of the Sound Health Research Institute in Albany, Ohio.

Transpersonal Coaching/
Life Coaching

Dr. Moss has more than 30 years experience with working closely with people, their needs and desires.  As with her other services, she approaches coaching with a transpersonal and quantum view.  Much like the information contained in the movie, “The Secret,” Dr. Moss believes in the power of awareness, intent, and positive attention.  Clarifying intentions, identifying strengths, and removing blocks to manifestation are standard steps in the coaching process.   Dr. Moss is a certified Advanced Life Coach and a certified Law of Attraction Practitioner.

Life Coaching can be effective in many situations, for example in helping a person's career direction and development, or for life change through discovering blocks to excellence, or simply for personal fulfillment.

Coaching is about getting the very best from yourself, and you then learning to make decisions that will continue to improve your life. You may want coaching for many different reasons, for example: to feel more fulfilled at work; to improve relationships; to gain a spiritual meaning to life, or a desire to gain personal clarity, to handle a difficult persistent life situation, or even to face end of life issues.

Coaching with Dr. Moss is an efficient way to gain the insights and improvements you desire.
·       coaching can be conducted wherever coach and client
        happen to be - anywhere in the world
·       there's no travel time or cost involved
·       telephone coaching sessions can be arranged with
        minimum prior notice
·       coaches do not need offices, meeting rooms, staff or other
        expensive overheads so Dr. Moss is able to provide
        affordable session charges

A coaching session is typically thirty minutes and rarely longer than an hour.  Please email Dr. Moss at to schedule a free initial consult.

The Moss Center is based on the belief that each client's well-being is of the utmost importance. Our team is committed to promoting your highest health and personal potential. 
We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and provide you with the best planning, products, services and referrals  in Complementary and Natural Health Care.

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